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A state of Europe.

Indeed, not the biggest, but there are smaller (San Marino, Vatican, Liechtenstein, etc).

One of the healthiest place in Europe - well, the healthiest place in Europe, to be honest - with ministers you can meet in the street, and, indeed, a lot of financial places.

There works Belgians, French and German people. So, after that, a lot of people is laughting about, but still taking the train/car/busses to go there because the wages are (motherfucker yeah) higher.

A place where the national language, Luxemburgish, is quite hard to understand, but if you have the luck to find native, and real one, they are really friendly, smart, and, well, they speaks at least 3 or 4 languages.

A place which one of the culinary specialty is Gromprenkichelchen. The hardorce version of the Switzerland "rösti".

Known for making mustard, also.
In the streets in Luxembourg :

Morron A : "Look to that girl... she is soooo hot..."

Morron B : "She should be German"

Girl (sooo hot) : "Moièn !"

Morron A : "Shit, she is Luxemburgish ! She has a funny accent ! But still, she is soooo hot"

Girl : "Yeah, and understand your language, you morron !"
by Sethdetable June 26, 2011
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When speaking about this art movement with one (or several) people, somebody says that the mental picture he/she/it has associated with the word "barock" is a black chandelier, and somebody says "Me too !".

So, these two people are barockompatible
In a classroom dealing with art.

A : "- B, what is your mental picture of barock ?"

B : "- A black chandelier."

F, thinking and surprised : " - Me too !"

That was an example of barockompatibility.
by Sethdetable June 30, 2011
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A TV show which shows that interracial sex and intercourses are possible between species (Human/Werewolves, Humans/Vampire, Vampire/Vampire, Vampire/Werewolves, sometimes Human/Human, Human/Shifter, Fairy/Human, Fairy/Vampire, still waiting for Fairy/Shifter, Shifter/Vampire, and Shifter/Werewolf), even if reproduction is not (yet) effective.

It also shows the problem of integration of other kind of people and put in strong question the notion of racism.

The serial which put Darwin in a great philosophical fucking question, and which shows that Shroedinger was right.
True Blood, Serial 2, ep. 11, in the Sookie's house kitchen : "It's not a problem for you to feel his dead Willy inside of you ?"
True Blood, Serial 3, last ep. : well, nope, she is not properly human.
by Sethdetable June 26, 2011
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1. Name. Or something like that. Usually used in the life to speak about the sound of plastic ducks and other plastics toys for humans, pets, or both (sometimes).

2. Sound made by somebody to fill up a blank in a phrase, or to express some complex idea.

3. Sometimes used in a verbial combo to prevent some idea (ideas sometimes hurts)
- I passed just beyond a derrick and then come the martians... anypouet, it was cool
by Sethdetable June 24, 2011
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