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Really amazing town near London, UK.

Very big. Technically big enough to be a city, but we haven't got a cathedral, so we're not.

Has its own tube station, which will soon be closed if they go ahead with the Croxley Rail Link project. But it will be replaced with TWO stations, yes TWO - Ascot Road (the post sorting office) and Hospital.

Lots of places in the UK end with -ford. This is (not) because they are home to Ford dealerships. Watford has many, and therefore you must decide "Wat ford? (shall i visit) ", which is where it (doesn't) get its name.
They're opening a new Apple Store!

Ha ha. Very funny.
by NemoD98 May 31, 2011
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I am going to Watford tonight to get very drunk and try to chat up some females
by Russell September 08, 2003
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Scummy suburban London shit-tip that’s desperately trying to recover from being voted as one of the most ugliest places in the UK and one of the worst places to go on a night out. A place where dreams go to die and teenage drug dealers thrive. Birmingham quality for London prices.
“This shithole charged me a fiver for a pint
“Welcome to Watford”
by a n o n July 29, 2018
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