The city.
The term refers to its streets, alleys, subway system, inner-city neighborhoods, playgrounds and schools. Usually a metropolis characterized by densely packed residential buildings, businesses and a decaying industrial sector.
In the 1970's, the urban jungle was referred to as "the street". Also known as "the concrete jungle". This is a broader term that encompasses both The Hood and The Ghetto.
The kid moved from Iowa to the Bronx. Now he's in the urban jungle.
by Kyle Lightspeed July 10, 2007
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summit that bad bwoi rappers say instead of the city
shit i hate it here in india. i need da urban jungle.
by ShadyzLilLadee April 23, 2005
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An unshaved private area.

This term refers to an adult, usually very beautiful looking and generally expected to be middle class that does not shave their private area–vagina or penis. It is a slang term for people that are good looking but have unkempt pubic hair.
I had to leave immediately after I got to his house after drinks. He had an urban jungle.
by captainpottedcactus September 17, 2021
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