When one has smoked enough marijuana in a communal situation that they sit idly & forget they're holding the bowl rather than passing it to the next person. Similar to the term bogart, but in this case it's caused by being stoned enough to become forgetful rather than just being greedy or selfish; it also applies almost exclusively to bowls (& bongs) rather than to joints. Ironically, it typically takes the others in the room some time to realize someone is Lurching the bowl because they're all stoned enough to forget who's holding it too.

This term is not widely used, & has its origins in the Chicago suburbs in the late '80's.
Hey man, it's puff-puff-pass; quit Lurching the bowl!
by Doktor Schadenfreude February 7, 2010
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When you're on the verge of sleep but you're dumb ass body makes this abnormal and completely ridiculous twitch that you have no control over and it wakes you from your peacefulness and leaves you thinking 'goddammit' while you're friends look at you with stupid expressions on their faces and wonder why you're scowling in silence.
And then they laugh at you, the pricks.
Child 1: Hey what was that you were doing in your bed last night? Looked like someone tasered you.
Child 2: Lurching. It sucks.
Child 3:*Laughs* I'm gunna Urban Dictionary this shit!
by scarheadpotter July 10, 2011
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The process in which a female is performing oral sex on a male and he begins to ejaculate; she proceeds to lunge forward in an attempt to bypass the mouth and get a straight shot of semen to the esophagus.
"Jade's lurching skills are phenomenal. Didn't spill a drop."
by Ratch Ratch September 22, 2013
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A term used to describe when you leave someone hanging. This tactic causes people to wonder why you did not respond to them. This can typically be used to make someone more interested in you (or a situation) by leaving them on “read” or “open”.
Me: Yo man did you ever text Shaina back? I heard she wants to hangout with you.

My friend: Nah man, I left that bitch on the lurch
by jackelliott December 16, 2019
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1-Slang name used by African American youths in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to describe a black mail with long hair that acts heterosexual however is suspected of being a queen.

2-Typically Lurch is a "Big talking" ladies man that no one ever sees with a woman.
I could totally see Lurch smoking someone's pole.
by EL_Coyote April 6, 2010
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