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A homosexual male of asian decent who is often times seen smoking an obnoxious vape or snapchatting at the gym
Lum 1: Hey bro you're looking swole lets take a snap and post it to the story
Lum 2: Ok but first lets take fat rips of our vape so we look cooler
by Smugface239 January 26, 2017
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Scots word for Chimney or flue,allows the reek to exit a house!
Santa Clause is comin
He's comin doon the Lum!
Ye Better Pit The Fire oot!
in case he burns his Bum!
by Alba gu Brath July 04, 2006
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19-20th century vernacular for the vagina. A 'lum' was initially a slang word for the flue that drew smoke from an open fire up to the chimney on the rooftop. Lum as a slnag term is quite popular with women of a certain age and social background.
Ah'm goan away tae Benidorm tae get ma auld lum swept by they spanish waiters!!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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Acronym for "love you much"
Sent in a text/tweet/email to someone you care for.
ttyl, lum
by lite1700 September 02, 2011
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LUM or Lum stands for Lazy Useless Motherfucker, someone who is lazy & useless during work or in general
At work Bradley is a Lum. OR That guy is a Lum he never does anything, What a Lum
by Skitty54 June 25, 2009
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when someone has no definition of their bum. i.e a flat bum. when their bum and legs appear as one.
"omg that girl over there has got a proper lum"
by jermimah February 10, 2012
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The name of the alien invader's(aptly named Invader) beautiful daughter in the anime comedy classic "Urusei Yatsura"

Lum is constantly making her fiancee Ataru Moroboshi's(Supreme Prevert) life a living hell in order for him to finally recognize her as his one and only love interest. She accomplishes this task throughout the series with the help of her various powers, gadgets, friends, etc.
Lum lost to Ataru in the contest over invading Earth, when he finally stole her bikini top and then grabbed her horns.
by Billy Banks July 14, 2005
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