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yobe bobo
porp or papal-kibbie

The singlemost base movement of kinetic energy from one system to another in any system operating in the universe. As in the direction of focused Chi in Kungfu. The primordial root force that is the base metaphorical equation through which all other information(energy) passes to achieve balance as seen in a mathematical balanced equation.

Base universal mechanism and its conduit.
Yoot florg, yan gelder yorb.

The intense flow of yorb from solar furnaces sow/flow(spread/balance) sparkles of life in the dark void.
by Yorx November 10, 2003

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1. One who resembles a cat either physically or mentally and is associated with some sort of religion.
2. A non-existent food treat that is highly sought-after.
3. The ultimate, paramount, epitome of supply and demand. Where supply is absolute zero (0) and demand rises to infinity.
The Papal-kibbie of the elusive uber-cookie, that contained seven chocolate chips more that any other cookie one has ever eaten, was impossible for Adam to bake.
by Yorx November 10, 2003

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Proper title:
Jun-Awhalla: Xiatia Usht E: Emperor

1. Emperor of Jun of the planet Onesphere in the Pleiades constellation.
2.The verbalization of kinetic energy linking one point in the universe with it's transgressor anchor.
The frothy clamour of sangrine oceanographers, in constant resonance with the translucent aprobation of serene Usht-E, created more florg than a papal-kibbie.
by Yorx November 10, 2003

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Also known as: Pippitty O'Pappitty

1. Stern drive of florg on the gourd.
2. An unknown device or devices that either exist or don't exist or neither.
3. A squinty man with a white, scraggly beard, a corncob pipe and a red alcoholic nose, who says "Eh?" a lot.
Yom Bipper swung driving the florg beyond the circle of winners straight through the flowstone gourd.

You're so Pippitty O' Pappitty, Julia Ormond!
by yorx November 10, 2003

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Of, from, or pertaining to Dhrule.


A metaphorical equation though which takes on the color or meaning, or adds, anchors or exponents the words that come before or after it.
Don yelder goot, flobe bobo!

Floog Dhrule.
by Yorx November 10, 2003

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1. Character, animated, Japan.
Full name: Lum-Chan.
The alien girl, star of the series:
"Those Pesky Aliens."
Lum came down and zapped everyone with electricity.
by yorx November 10, 2003

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