Pesky- a fly, angel, nymph, or pixie that’s trixie.

She is carefree and full of care always.

Often tries the hearts of those around her to see if their souls are true.

That wonderful women of one who makes you a fool or full.
Oh stop it Pesky.... don’t be a pest...
by Speak or Say..Elite or Elect? September 21, 2018
A crappy Hockey team who decides to show up for the 3rd period, and only the 3rd period.
The Ottawa Senators are so Pesky, yo.
by SensUnofficial March 11, 2014
“Pesky” - originated as a word to describe when someone goes to hard on the piss or other substances. When the person goes beyond annoying and can’t control themselves and almost changes as a person so it’s like an ulta-ego.
Did you guys have a good night on the sip?

“Yeah man, although Elliott got super pesky!”

Full pesky?
“Yeah man, FULL pesky”
by Lsmit January 6, 2018
Spammers or bots who plague social websites with advertisements for other sites, generally by leaving off topic and (often)sexually provocative comments to draw attention to themselves.
I was excited to see that my blog post had so many comments until I realized that most of them were left by peskies.
by FutureMrsR February 16, 2009
what pixies do for a living. to be ultimately cheeky in the quest for naughty pleasure.
by nixta September 21, 2004
the word used in place of penis by the Aplle Bag Productions Crew.
Dude that ball hit me right in the peski and and totally destroyed my apple bag.

by Jake Baum September 18, 2005