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a man with a enormously large penis, considered sometimes to be one of the natural wonders of the modern world
Ludi can take a cheetah and turn it into a giraffe
by BROhio June 7, 2011
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A really crazy Spanish girl with amazing hair who occasionally has spinal cord injuries. She is typically undefined and unpredictable. Always really funny.
Look at that girl she's such a ludys, always prancing around and getting spinal cord injuries.
by KatieLib February 15, 2010
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A very outgoing person. Shes always on the move. She makes a great reporter. Very sneaky. Loves the casino. Likes to communicate with others.
ludieis a great person.
I love bringing ludie flowers.
by shann October 23, 2013
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the coolest cat in the room; a guy who makes all the women go whooo whooo; straight cash homey
That kid over there got all those girls, he must be one mad ludi.
by mt or fool March 2, 2006
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the jig's ludi is quite lovely today.
i love to kiss the jig's ludi in the spring time.
by teebin September 6, 2008
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Dan Ludy is when you make fun of someone you are currently having sex with.
That Dan Ludy you pulled on that chick last night was epic.

When you Dan Ludyed her by calling her out on her ex, I spit out my Patron. I hate you.
by DetailsDan May 7, 2011
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