Lsm is the term short for light skin magic-this use to pick up the female gender and make them your bae
Example 1: Tyrone was like i use Lsm to get all the pusssssssssss
Example 2: Im going to use my powers of Lsm on you
by steveworkplace November 18, 2019
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LSM- little slug man
A nickname for the little bitch boy in ur life
"Hey LSM get the fuck' over here"
by Pixie42069009 June 27, 2022
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A popular on-line magazine showing pictures of underage girls in nude and non nude pictures.
My sister has been posing nude for lsm and I hate her for it.
by Vanessa orng February 28, 2007
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A position in lacrosse called Long Stick Midfielder; a midfielder who primarily plays defense with a long stick.
That lsm just stripped that mid so bad
by danm March 30, 2005
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Bernie Goldberg calls the MSM "the lamestream media," so, for the sake of concision, I call them the LSM.
by fine tea February 10, 2010
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L: Lonely; S: Single; M: Mom. Usually a creature with a uni-tit that survives off of wine at a child's soccer game.
Wild Joe: As we can see there is a lsm over there feeding of of wine and their child's successes.
by A center for ants October 31, 2017
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Light scope microscope.

Often confused with laser scanning microscope.
“Dude did you remember to turn off the LSM?”

“Fuck I forgot.”
by Empirical Neuron March 14, 2023
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