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(noun) A person, not necessarily African or biracial, whose complexion is lighter than black and darker than white. Light skin is not to be confused with a person that has fair skin.
Laurence Fishburne, LL Cool J, and Lisa Raye all have light skin.
by ill_logic February 01, 2011
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A person who is either mixed with black and white or a black person who has a lighter complexion. Light skin is not to be confused with white people. Most lighskins like Chris Brown, usher, and Drake. They usually are attractive. You better watch out because the Probably can and will steal your girl if you got one.
*Man you listen too Chris Brown and Drake? You so lightskin
Stop squinting in your photos, your acting like a lightskin
by Dohboy February 09, 2015
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A black person whose skin is lighter then brown. The skin tone of a light skinned person varies and they can be along what is referred to as a "Red Bone", a "High Yella", or a more caramel complextion.
"Hey you see that Light Skin, red bone, boy over there? He's the one that threw the bean pie at you."
by Dat Red Bone Gal January 15, 2009
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A light skin is a African-American/Multi racial person or a black person with a light complexion (skin tone)
My grandfather and grandmother are dark skin but my mom is of a lighter skin tone she is light skin
by Crappy-crusty-crispy(the 3cs) October 17, 2017
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a term used to describe a person who is mixed with african american and white. which would give the person a darker skin tone then that of a white person and a lighter skin tone then that of a black person.
i seen this boom light skin female when i was with my boys two hours ago.
by C monei October 10, 2006
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Don't be fooled by their looks. They will fuck with your feelings. One minute they will want you and the next minute they won't. Not all of them are like that, but the majority is. However, if you find a good one hold onto them.
Don't date her, she's light skin.
by xoxo_qiqi3 August 25, 2016
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