Lozeng is a name of a man usually from Asian heritage. Lozeng's are amazing at soccer and score a goal against any goalkeeper. They are also very trust worthy and have a good sense of humor.
Jim: I was playing soccer with lozeng and he scored all of our teams four goals.

Dennis: Not surprising, he's a lozeng.
by wowlookoverthere June 8, 2016
Commonly known as a sweet or tablet or a shape, it can also be confused with Beyonce Knowles' younger sister's name, Solange Knowles.
Person 1: OMG have you seen Bring It On 2? With Lozenge Knowles?
Person 2: I think you mean Solange...
by Naomi Richards October 22, 2007
To do something wrong, or to mess something up with severe consequences. Alternatively, it can be used to descirbe a shadow that is there regardless of illuminance
Oh no, I did a lozenge

Crap I got a lozenge with me

O look, theres rich and his lozenge. He really cant get away from it can he
by henryviii May 17, 2008
"Whoa, look at the size of his lozege!" or "I want the grape lozenge!"
by Geena-ish January 30, 2006
A really nice and comfortable spot!
A: I know a really good lozenge not far from here.
B: Me too. It is so comfortable and nice!
by Chocccie November 21, 2019
A sexual act when a male ejaculates into the nostrils of a female or male. While ejaculation is taking place the receiver inhales through the nose, sucking the ejaculate in through the nasal cavity and down into the throat, coating it like a lozenge.
Tina had a sore throat but couldn't afford cough drops. Her boyfriend gave her a lozenge which made them both feel much better.
by RainyDayVancouver February 22, 2011
Typically used as an insult. Lozenge is a term to describe some one with a lower intelligence.
Dude are you a lozenge!? You are a little lozenge.
by Little lugo January 14, 2021