Another name for a frustrating and repulsive chef of word-salads.
I'm really dreading this meeting I have with a real knowles.
by evident July 22, 2020
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i was knowles last night at a party!
by 122254 July 11, 2006
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getting pregnant so your boyfriend will finally marry you. (i.e. Solange and Beyonce Knowles)
"After the wedding, I found out she wasn't pregnant." "No way! She totally pulled a Knowles."
by DivaDivine May 2, 2008
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A sexual rendezvous involving three or more male partners.
Me and some guy friends got shitty the other night, and had a big knowles party. It was so silly!
by Mike Renaldi March 26, 2008
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A semi-famous, very fat corrupt internet movie reviewer who is nowhere near as famous or powerful as he once was. He still gets to live a dream life of being paid to endorse things, being sent comp DVDs and God knows what else, and being flown around the world to visit sets in order to entice him to review things positively so that nerds may spend money on them. His resume includes such hits as turning a blind eye to a contributor selling bootleg Disney movies (who was later busted), praising a script that was actually written by another contributor, and posting (wrong) Oscar nominees hacked from a home computer. Married an Asian chick 15 years younger than him presumably both blessed and cursed by vision problems and a unique condition enabling her to support two tuns of lust whenever the mood strikes the corpulent Casanova. Also is blessed with outspoken opinions on politics, despite having no idea on how the real world works having lived/living with his dad way past an acceptable age and not having an actual job or a degree.
Studio Exec: So, what do you think about Godzilla?

Harry Knowles: It kinda sucked.

Studio Exec: How would you like a visit to our movie shoot in Maui and for us to throw your boy Moriarty a bone?

Harry Knowles: Did I say sucked? I mean it was like drinking chocolate-coated pussy juice!

Studio Exec: ...right.
by ChocolateReign September 14, 2008
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Beyoncé's shadow.

A bad ass street fighter. Well known for instigating frantic death matches in elevators.

Jay Z's 100th problem.
"Is that Solange Knowles over there?"

"I don't know... is anyone bleeding?"
by cfh nb May 13, 2014
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