In online gaming, the act of waiting for your teammates to injure an enemy player then striking the killing blow at the last minute. See also: Kill Stealing
Dammit, Johnny just low-balled me again! He's got 6 kills and 23 damage dealt this round!
by apple321456 January 16, 2017
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When you surprise someone with an unexpected and undesirable result.
"You low-balled me!!"

Jim the Builder was in a program. He was caught drinking at the program. He was allowed to continue in the program for two days but we were secretly planning to can him. After two days, we dismissed him. He said, "Hey, you low-balled me!!"
by Jim the Builder October 29, 2009
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to keep askin for a lower price when buying something from a hustler
hustler: fer 50
buyer: naw how bout 30
hustler: quit tryin to low ball me, fool
by anonymous January 21, 2005
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The action of asking for a lower price when dealing something from a hustler. Try to bullshit a bullshiter to get a dirt cheap price.
I told you many times over! That is the final price, quit low balling us and do not call back any more!
by Spamme4444 March 27, 2007
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What happens to men as they get much older, causing their testicles to droop (sometimes in embarrassing ways).
Dang, Grandpa is wearing those Bermuda shorts again and is really low-balling.
by TenereTom December 5, 2019
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To offer a very low price on an listing
Seller: I got a 6000 charger for sale

Buyer: Ill give you about 3500

Seller: Nah man you low balling
by Swordreaper March 19, 2016
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A midget with big balls/testicles/nuts that touches the ground
Damn that midget is low balling, he has big Ol balls
by Mena84 September 5, 2019
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