Hot 100, a cinnamon flavored liquor that comes in plastic flasks. The consumption of an entire bottle usually makes a person get petey fairly quickly.
"I wanna get hammed tonight, I'll drink this Hot Hot!"
by MinnesotaMarge March 21, 2006
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Hot Hot Hot.
Is Frequently used by the Well known Youtuber Toby Turner A.k.a. Tobuscus,
Used When You see a hot girl,
Does not have to be 3 hots, can be as many as you want.
But is Said Fast.

Or Search in YouTube: Toby Turner Hot Hot Hot
*girl that is Really hot Walks by*
Dude: *looks at girl that walks by* "hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot."
by Jordan "Heaven"er January 9, 2014
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Started off as a syth-pop band but evolved into the most awesome Dance-Punk Indie band the world has ever seen. Their albums are Scenes One Through Thirteen, Make up the Breakdown, and Elevator. Buy them, worship them.
Intelligent, Educated Person: I WANT HOT HOT HEAT TO HAVE MY BABIES!
by Lee Booyet June 10, 2006
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A talented quartet, from CANADA! Well 3/4 of them and the Gorgeous American, that is Dancy, Gorgeous, Nice, Care for their fans, make beautiful dancesingcalm music that is a blessing to my ears. And are Hot! , Hot Heat!!!
1.Damn! its Hot today! No! , its Hot Hot Heat.
2.I love you as much as i love Hot Hot Heat! that says something about you!
by violeta August 30, 2006
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Uh, excuse me, but before that BAND STOLE the phrase for their own personal gain, Hot Hot Heat was an expression used to convey very torrid temperatures.
Person #1: Why darling, you look positively roasted! Why are you all flushed and sweating?
Person #2: Because, Chickpea, I've been out in the hot hot heat for over an hour!
by Madcapgirl November 8, 2003
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