A giant weight that Strong Bad drops on Homsar after a fan asks Strong Bad to kill him.
What es eet, Stwong Baaaad!
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
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one of the most fun crazy wild funny awesome exciting down girls you will ever meet in your entire teenage life
by nicole February 28, 2005
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1. One who has excelled so much at being geigh, that other geighs bow down and recognize their authority as the "Lourde of the Geighs".

Old English ancestor of gay lord.
"Why does Tom have to always be such a geigh lourde?"

"and then when they marry, they get wenches: they are generally geigh lourdes and cowards;" (William Shakespeare, King Henry IV part II, act IV scene V)
by Joe9 April 8, 2006
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a girl who attends lourdes academy in miami. known as stuck up, snobby, and rich, but are hands down the best girls you will ever meet. they're all incredibly happy and kind to each other and always empower their friends. extremely supportive and intelligent girls. all guys want to date them and all girls talk mad shit about them (they're lowkey insanely jealous). lourdes girls are considered stereotypical but are not at all. most come from schoold such as epiphany of conchita. you will never regret becoming/meeting one!
yo i got with a lourdes girl last night
no way dude you're so lucky she was probably perfect
by oh yuh January 11, 2017
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Basic as fuck and ride Columbus’ dick. Very white and all think they’re quirky and unique. Think that cheer is a sport.
Guy 1: I got a gf.
Guy 2: what school does she go to?
Guy 1: she’s a Lourdes girl.
Guy 2: drop that shit you’re gonna get AIDS.
by Big_dick_nick_69 January 30, 2019
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My cool grandmama from Asia. She died in 2004 but let her memory live on. Love ya lola!
Lola Lourdes was a simple and humble person.
by Dude December 16, 2004
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One of the snobbiest and richest girls you'll ever meet
Once a lourdes girl, always a lourdes girl
by spldrttn February 7, 2005
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