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Even though the eyes are the window to the soul, a lost soul is not always easy to see. A lost soul has had a tragedy, so devastating, they find it impossible to give their heart to anyone. This sorrow has betrayed their devotion to trust and they have withdrawn. A lost soul may act certain of themselves, and their world, but you will find they ramble with their words, and in turn, are heading no where. Lost souls can be dangerous to themselves and others, and can cause harmful memories of not careful. A lost soul may create many distractions and will make many excuses. A lost soul may frequently exacerbate their life with their choice of intoxicating habit, but this only delays reflection they need to restore. Only a pure and patient heart can accommodate a lost soul, but it is ultimately only the lost soul who can pull themselves out from under their dark world, and learn to let go.
"Can't you see, he's such a lost soul?"
"Yes, I can see now. I hope he has the courage to find faith again."
by Liv-love October 06, 2011
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somebody who has no direction in his/her life, a lost soul can have many acquaintances but never any real close friends. often a lost soul will long for someone to understand him/her, and because it is hard to understand the mind of a lost soul, often one will think he/her is mentally unstable, especially in today's culture and society
Your lost soul will not take you anywhere in your life.
by khashi November 30, 2004
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the part of a cut off or otherwise broken poo that remains inside the rectum.
I was in a hurry and now I've got to fly to New York with a lost soul.
by krambus January 29, 2012
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