That one person everyone has. Everyone has a her, a him, a she, a he. They might make that person's life hell or they might create heaven on earth.
I fell for her/him again.
He/she fucked up.
by fajjy fajot December 20, 2014
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When you are reminded of a person by inanimate objects in a sexual way.
*squirting lotion on hand* i should call her/him or *mixing mac n cheese* i should call her/him
by lolpp37 June 13, 2020
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1) When they fall asleep during sex and you still going
Homie 1: Where were u last night?
Homie 2: Yeah where were you Cameron?

Cameron: My sister was having trouble so i had to Put her/him to sleep
Homies 1 and 2: Oh okay
by oumpalumbalookingthangg May 06, 2019
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to kiss someone. Someone who shows many people the house is known as a real-estate agent. When one is showing another the house, they may get to the first floor or the basement.
Did you show her/him the house?

That skank is SUCH a real-estate agent, she showed Timmy upstairs in the house.

I'd give the juice of my wenis to show her/him the house.
by jagtastic13 July 25, 2010
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To find some one on Facebook.A friend or so.
Ray:it's been a long time since i haven't spoken to katy/barny.where is she/he ?
Andy:i know.let's Facebook him/her.
by Sac.chauhan March 07, 2011
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