Where one losses their mind and finds freedom.
Stoner1: Wow check out that guy tripping balls. Hes Lost and Found.
Stoner2: Haha yeah, Looks like hes lost his mind!
Stoner1: But hes found freedom man, thats what lifes all about.
by Simpl1 March 25, 2011
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n. Term used to describe a bedside storage container for forgotten items left behind by others.
Gary, do you have a hair tie?" she asked. "Maybe, let's check the lost and found for something Judy might have left, babe."
by N73_BlugrasS February 03, 2011
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Lost and Found is a Christian rock band. Michael Bridges and George Baum are the two members. Michael plays guitar and George plays piano/keyboard. They can be visited at www.speedwood.com.
Some songs by Lost and Found are: Baby, Lions, and Be Not Afraid.
by Christian Rock July 11, 2006
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First you shove a XL unlubricated condom down ur childs throat causing them to suffocate before the baby can cry for help you chuck it down a river with a rock tied to their leg, this is where the police will find the dead and washed up baby by the river banks causing them to put it in lost and found
Omg Jamie! Did u really throw our newborn to lost and found!?!?!
by RUSSIA BRUSHING NIGMA February 10, 2020
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A child that was found after being kidnapped

A child in the "Lost and Found" bin
Didn't you hear? Billy's a lost and found child.
by heyitzstani April 06, 2017
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or, LAFD, where pickpockets stash their swag
"Has he shown you the Lost and Found Department with all his swag?"

"Naw, he don't trust me."
by berkeleyreporter August 28, 2012
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There was no love there to begin with, so there is definitely none to be found now.
'Did you hear Dan slept with another girl on saturday night?' 'Why would I care he was selfish in bed anyway' 'Yeah good for you- no love lost no love found.'
by idiotsrus1 November 30, 2013
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