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Speedwood is a subgenre or genre of music created by Michael D. Bridges and Georger R. Baum. It consists of mainly two acoustic instruments - a guitar and a piano. Sometimes other acoustic instruments are added such as a drum, slinky, or recorder. It is a fast-paced music where the players play their instruments as hard as fast as they can and include the occassional ballad as well. The creator's website is at
We didn't want to have a full band, so we decided that we'd play speedwood.
by Bridget November 09, 2004
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Geographical location, situated in the City of Cockburn, Perth, Western Australia. Aptly named due to the high presence at any given time of so-called meth-heads. See also Spearweird
Dude, trouble is rife in Speedwood today, centrelink payments must be in!
by Skippidy-doo-dah December 22, 2017
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