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Someone suffering, by no fault of his own, from male pattern baldness.
That brother is wearing a hat to cover his bald spot; he's a loper big-time.
by DimDog February 23, 2007
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Someone who lives, or was born in, Michigan's Lower Penninsula. The opposite of Yooper; used more by Yooper than by Lopers themselves.
"You don't know your way around the Escanaba? You must be a Loper."
by Writer@Large January 31, 2005
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A single or collection of females that you shamefully solicit for sexual acts but what be disparaged if anyone knew that you were hooking up with them.
yo, I havent gotten ass in ages lets call up those lopers, they'll help me get rid of this DSB.
by ya....ok December 23, 2006
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A person who you are hooking up with or flirting with unbeknownst to the general public/your friends. Usually facilitated through sketchy text messages.

Dude, she is texting her loper.

Why are you leaving the party early, to meet up with your loper?
by loper April 28, 2008
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From North County San diego.
It means someone who is chill and just lopes it hard. A loper can also be a party with strickly the bros and the danks..
yeah man that guy is chill, hes definatley a loper.

Yeah dude cruise over were just haveing a loper at my house.
by Colton April 4, 2005
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It’s a gang from Santa Ana ca
Ayy home boy where you from? I’m from lopers gang, ohhh thasss rightttt
by Lopers gang July 19, 2021
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Noun: The in between stages of an erection. Not a full fledged boner, and not quite flacid.
I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up with a half loper.
by _salesman_ May 12, 2005
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