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Deadly Semen Buildup ~ Medical condition caused by prolonged lack of sex. Fatal if not treated.
"I'm pissy because I have DSB"
by Rhia August 09, 2004
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DSB = Deadly Sperm Buildup- as in your balls are full and they are going to explode.
We made out for an hour and it was so hot I got DSB and thought I was going to die!
by RobbieF November 15, 2005
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DSBs(dee esss beez) or Deadly Sperm Build-up (noun,adj)

1. Disorder/disease typically found in married men/ men in long term relationships.
2. Caused by prolonged teasing by grossly immoral, deceptive, cruel, vicious women.
3. A pathological condition characterised by psychosis, manic depression, scrotal cyst infection, penile atrophe, testicular eruption, paralysis.
4. A most effective ploy in getting women to put out.
c'mon! it's just a BJ ... I can die from the DSBs!

by Goosestep September 26, 2007
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Damn Straight Bitch.

Tryna set a bitch straight? Look no farther. Just respond DSB, and all your problems will be solved.
Guy: Blow me

Girl: Do I have to?

Guy: DSB
by Bitchhhxxx January 06, 2011
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Deadly Semen Build-up. A large quantity of sperm and semen in the testicles. Meaning it's been awhile since you got laid. Often leading to frequent cases of blue balls
I need to get laid, I've got a case of DSB
by krunchie December 03, 2003
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Male version of PMS. DSB- deadly sperm back-up, caused by not getting laid make men miserable and bitchy like women get when they suffer from PMS.
I wigged out and went postal on my dog yesterday because of DSB.
by t June 30, 2004
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