To be in a hyper/drunken state caused by having a Four Loko.
Zack: You were loko last night.
Dom: Yeah, I had my first Four Loko and can't remember anything.
Zack: All you were doing was running around being drunk and trying to get with all the sorostitutes.
by Lewyy April 2, 2010
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An alternate form of the Spanish “Loco” which involves going crazy or being hyper. Similar to “going off
Kyle went Loko on defense yesterday
by Kylefishes October 24, 2019
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The act of getting black out drunk. Especially when on purpose. Comes from banned "Four Loko" premium malt beverage with caffeine.
I not only puked all over myself, I also shit the bed. It took me 5min of constant loofa stubbing in the shower to get all the dried shit off my legs and ass. The funny part is... It was not my bed. Or my shower. Or my loofa. I was full on lokoed.
by rip loko November 20, 2010
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to go crazy after a member of the opposite sex, and completely change your personality and outlook on life, like Jhon Lennon did for Yoko. Often includes completely ruining a planed event, or sometimes ignoring friends for weeks.
"dude where is Ben, i thought he was coming to the barbeque off."
"Didn't you hear, he went all loko on us, he turned into a vegan"
by Peter Ravella January 26, 2006
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Lokoe AKA El Mas Lokoe AKA El Mero Meri is notorious in the streets of DTM. He's known for being the leader and boss of MFH. He has no respect for anyone that crosses his path male or female they all get disrespected on sight if they approach him wrong! Be cautious around Lokoe or you'll end up farmed miserable by him and his goons! One of his favorite lines is "Go fuck your mother". Currently his location is unaware but if we know something it's that he's chillin sippin to the tears of his enemies as they cry and hate on what he built.
Barnaby: Letty, Who is the most hated player?
Letty: That's easy! It's Lokoe
by ElGrammarNazi March 1, 2019
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A 4 loko mixed with a 5 hour energy, making the drinker absolutely blasted for a while.
Yo, Stevie just downed a 9 Loko and ran to speedway and back in 10 minutes!
by Swagertooth Tiger October 20, 2018
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"Fake Four Loko." After lawmakers banned the sale of energy drinks combined with alcohol, the makers of Four Loko removed caffeine, guarana, taurine, and b-vitamins from the beverage. The drink remains alcoholic.
Faux Loko: Same terrible taste without all the fun!
by justiferous January 10, 2011
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