That last name of a micronesian. Although they insist its pronouced 'Meh-ro', it is really pronounced 'Mee roh'.
by NotTrevorKudo July 9, 2009
Abbreviation for Turkish names that starts with M, such as Meral or Muhammed, Murat.
Yo Mero sup G
by The super G September 26, 2019
Mero(also known as Mero428 or Enes Meral, his real name) is a german rapper. Many people know him in germany. He was really famous in 2018/2019. His first song was ”Baller Los“. Some people don’t like him because his songs are not really good. He calls his fans QDH-Family, which means ”quatre-deux-huit-Family. He has Turkish roots.
Havin: ”I think Mero is really beautiful.“
Helena: ”Ew.“
Havin: ”His music is not that bad.“
Melina: *plays Baller Los and Hobby Hobby*
Helena: ”stop.“
by phatputhay March 25, 2021
the cooler and shorter way of saying marijuana and the less bait way
"yo you got some mero homie" "hook me up with some mero homes" "yo this mero is of the CHAIN DWAGGGG"
by david grinberg April 14, 2008
Spanish slang for the best, the top, the greatest. Can also be can be used to refer to a leader of a group. can also say mera mera when refering to a femenim subject.
there was no way to talk to the Don, he was the mero mero of the gang, always surrounded by his thugs.

K-paz are the mero mero of el pasito duranguense!!!!!!!

**kpaz= musical group, durangense, a type of spanish music
by Biana September 20, 2007
Spanish slang, literal translation: The Boss of Bosses. Actual usage is intended to infer something or someone is the very best, often with braggadocio.
"Yo soy el mero mero"; I am the top dog, the best.

"Oy abuelita! These pancakes are el mero mero!"

"Our canned menudo is el mero mero!"
by Akimbojoe December 31, 2018