Lohaning is self medicating before an important function
I have my annual review today so I raided my mother's medicine chest, I am now Lohaning before I go in.
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1) to ride a girl while she's on all fours
Guy 1 'I rode that bitch when she was on all fours'

Guy 2 'Dude you was so lohaning her'
by Pinkie182 January 30, 2009
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to consume large ammounts of alcohol and drugs, then make your self vomit. aka "pull the trigger"
by SkoalStraight April 5, 2006
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blue ribbon tits, especially large yet still attractive ones.
D: dude, you see them fucking lohans on her?
J: (thumbs up)
by DoctoRUMS October 11, 2005
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A delicate function perfomed by a certified hooker that begins with her giving oral pleasure to a customer while said customer proceeds to pummel her with quick rabbit punches.
"Dude that hook owes me one sweet lohan for that price."

"I can't believe you lohaned your boss!"
by Frizzooooo April 11, 2008
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verb, to experiment with lesbian relationships during your 20s
"I'll admit I did some Lohanning when I was in college."
by Gowinda January 24, 2009
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