Intentional. noun

A person who practices an intentional lifestyle. One who makes considered, deliberate, conscious and, therefore occasionally unconventional choices about various aspects of their life such as living arrangements intentional community, relationships, parenthood, fashion intentional fashion, work, sex, sexuality etc.
First person: “My friend Lana has always known she never wanted to have kids and says she will likely never seek another monogamous relationship. She says she seeks fulfillment in other ways now.“

Second person: “She sounds like a true intentional.”
by Lovecow November 30, 2019
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Person 1: ZOMG, that guy is SO hoardicke intentive!!!!
Person 2: uhh, you're strange
by Ree-Bok March 16, 2008
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you look a something or someone very hard.
"i will study the test intently."
by Xxbluelightningxx November 28, 2016
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Showing strong feeling towards tents; existing in an extreme degree inside of a tent.
That was pretty intents.. like the circus.
by Cliftonatron October 31, 2010
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Term coined by modern self-help and "life coaching" advocates to describe the process of mentally focusing on and visualizing what you want to achieve or attain, which will purportedly make it so. Pretty much the same thing as "The Secret's" "Law of Attraction", or the old "Power of Positive Thinking."
Instead of exercising regularly and losing weight, Sarah was convinced that simply intentioning the perfect body she desired was all that was necessary.
by Bob Egland October 29, 2007
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White trash with a hair-growth problem that may lead the individual to be mistaken for an ape or other simian. Often demented these individuals rarely leave their room though they are rumoured to make occassional forays outside their habitat for such delicacies as "ciggies" or "coke" (believed to be some type of fruit. These creatures form strong family bonds and will often live with their parents until death. If questioned on this trait they begin to gibber about free "rent" and "food". The beasts also enjoy wallowing in mud and may spend days on end pretending that they are battling imaginary foes.
<intent> kadath is a wanker
by kadath March 31, 2003
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a term used when your internet connection is not working but you anticipate that it may be working in the near future!!!
"yo, homi, i can't play that shizzle fifa"

"safe, if intent weld tmrw"
by uf007 March 28, 2010
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