An award given at events like state fairs for growing the biggest pumpkin or having the tastest fried chicken.
Colonel Sanders clicked his heels when he won the Blue Ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair.
by Phrenesicko Decapitate May 23, 2005
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to have sex with others including a goat, It is called a blue ribbon because you would need the finest goat from the fields of wisconsin, a prize winner that is. Could be oral or anal.
When Tim entered the hot tub as he sat next to Susie and Mattias, a goat raised its head out of the water, Mattias stated we are having a blue ribbon tonight.
by dirty dirts July 2, 2006
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What you call a chic who is exceptionally pretty/hot/sexy, or in an above the rest category.
You see her over there, now that chic is blue ribbon.
by Squad Up December 3, 2008
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(n): The Noah's Ark of Breakfast Meals

Contains 2 pancakes, 2 sausage patties, 2 bacon strips, 2 eggs (any style), 2 pieces of toast (white, wheat, rye), and two beverages (one coffee/tea, one soda/juice).

Famous for it's previously super-low price of $2.49, although currently priced in the mid-$3 range, and can be found at Tom Jones diner in Brookhaven, Pa.

A favorite of high school students, local music aficionados, and stoners.
z: "Dude, where's my office? I can't find it...cause I'm baked--HALF BAKED!! I was smoking some doobies, Doobie Brothers! I was smoking some doobies with my brothers..."
q: "stfu you fake-stoned Regional Manager Michael Scott"
z: "Ok."

z: "I really am high though *giggles*"
q: "Nut uh."
z: "DUDE! I so am. And I'm really hungry."
q: "Let's go to Tom Jones and get a pair of Blue Ribbon Specials."
z: "Scrambled, white toast, grape juice, with tea?"
*long pause*
z: "Yea, ok."
by Motivational Void. February 7, 2010
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The BRC (Blue Ribbon Committee) discovered the culprits for the Bear Hack.
by involutaryhaxor November 7, 2006
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The nectar of the Gods. This was the beer that was consumed by US military personnel in ww2 and the Korean War. It is also the first beer to be put in a can. Steel cans for iron men. Drink Pabst Union made in the USA
Grab a Can of Pabst blue ribbon out of my cooler
by stoolivan June 21, 2021
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A classic american pilsner. Although I used to think this beer inferior because it sells for $8 a case, you can actually smell and taste malt and hops in this beer. It is a far better beer than bud, coors, miller, busch, rolling rock, or any other american swill.
"If all you have is cheap American mega-lagers, at least give me a Pabst Blue Ribbon"
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