A very firm and large turd. Often the result of constipation that has caused several days worth of poo buildup. It can be very painful from stretching the hole much wider than normal. Other problems caused by logs can include getting stuck because of excessive thickness got one hanging and very extended times sitting on the toilet due to excessive length.
"Hey, what's taking so long in the toilet"?

"Sorry...I can't go any faster, I got this huge "Log" coming out and it's taking forever!!
by Mickeymysterious1 April 24, 2009
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A chubby/fat cat who likes food. LOTS of food. Commonly used in conjunction with 'loaf' (which is a log-cat who sits in a position where they tuck their paws under their belly).
My cat is a log, he keeps eating my roast suppers!
by Spursboy91 December 13, 2020
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Log is a wood that is from a tree that has been cut off. Oh also filipino gamers type LOG instead of LAG for no fucking reason like dude, what the fuck?
Filipino gamer 1: TANGINA LOG!! (FUCK LOG)
Filipino gamer 2: Bobo kaba? Lag kasi (Are you stupid? It's lag)
by IdontKnowWhatIsItAnymore July 11, 2021
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A female who is bad at sex. She lays there expecting you to do all the work and then complains about how bad it was when its over. Things may start off well in the beginning like kissing and fingering but when it comes down to the actual sex she will roll over like a log and do nothing else. Hence the term "log."
"Hey man did you end up banging that girl last night? "
"Yea dude but it was no good. Turns out shes a log, I ended up doing all the work."
by Dafooky March 21, 2017
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Someone who is so boring at a party they may as well be replaced with a log
That boy is such a log
by Chris.s123 October 11, 2017
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A blunt that is abnormally large in size that’s resembles a Log
Me and my homies Sierra and Ryann rolled up this Fatass Log. You want a hit?
by Taslang August 29, 2022
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