An Amani is a smart, beautiful, independent, sweet woman. She is an amazing person but doesn’t know it. Sometimes bold, sometimes shy, sometimes cocky, sometimes modest. An Amani is a funny person that will make u laugh and someone you don’t want to lose. She has a great personality and is also really cute
Amani is so wonderful 😍❤️
by IG: 40ondxck March 12, 2019
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Amani- A kind beautiful girl but is not scared of her haters because they won’t do nothing and she is kind beautiful has a perfect personality, perfect knowledge, and perfectly athletic if you meet this girl There’s no way you can’t be mean to her if you are mean to her than it’s just that you’re jealous that she’s cuter than YOU
This is about Amani because she’s the best girl you can ever meet
by Papichulo7872 February 27, 2018
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Amani is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Amani in Swahili means love or peace, Amani may be a lovely and irresistible 😏 Amani is NOT peaceful if you mess with her or someone she cares about she will MESS YOU UP! This girl will drag your ass across a bathroom floor. She’s tough and strong and smart and writes to close together(seriously though, space your words more). She’s a real queens and will stay with you through thick and thin cuz you know she thicc. She’s beautiful{ beyond imagination, she may seem mean when you meet, but when you know the real her, you’ll love her more than anyone else and see how nice and caring and protective and thoughtful she is. She is beauty. She is strength. She is Amani.

For further explanation, look up definition for quintessential
Yasssss! She is an Amani!
by selena akian March 11, 2018
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Amani means the most talent and pretty girl and princess and also peace .
for example Amani is a princess are loyal and a queen .
by Queencymone123 March 26, 2018
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Amani means Protection. If you have a woman named amani then you should know she is a very well-depended person,she's beautiful on the inside and outside. She is caring,loving,intelligent and sometimes she needs others help because she wants your advice ad she doesn't want to mess up anything in your life or hers. She puts her Family and friends first because she loves them more than she loves her job,school or anything else for that matter. If you have an Amani then you have a good eye because she will love you and take care of you because she loves you more than anything.
"I wish i can be amani , she loves her family and friends more than anything in the world!"
by #Positivity!!! February 15, 2018
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Amani is a hot girl who everyone wants to be. She has many people who look up to her. Usually tall with short wavy brown hair, brown eyes and a body to die for. Amani is the prettiest girl, and she doesn't really know it. All the guys know how pretty she is, they try to date her but she just wants to be friends. Hasn't had many boyfriends. Amani is a great dancer and she loves it, but finds it very exhausting.
A. 'you know who's really nice?'
B. 'Who?'
A. 'How did you not guess, Amani?'
by Whale0897867564534231 May 16, 2019
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Amani is a short, but energetic. Amani loves being around people. Amani is a friendly. Amani is crazy, but nice!
I’m very Amani!
by Sirhumik January 8, 2018
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