A cross between a cough and a laugh.

Often experienced when one has a cold, and either hears an excellent joke or views a delightful meme on Facebook. The laugh begins but morphs into a painful expression of humour.
Despite being sick, Ellie could not contain her laughter, and began to loff wildly.
by yoohookaboom October 30, 2017
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Planet Loff is the newest discovery in the Milky Way galaxy. Planet Loff is special in the fact that by sheer mass it is the largest object ever discovered in the universe. It makes Jupiter (formerly our solar systems largest planet) look like a grain of sand. It has its own gravitational pull and its own unique atmosphere. Vegitation on Planet loff is sparse, especially at the North end. Scientists estimate the age to be between 24-32 years old. This is considered young by universal standards. A rare characteristic that planet loff displays is the ability to stay almost perfectly alligned with southern California, ocasionally alligning its self with Las Vegas, Nevada. Scientists are learning more about this new discovery every day but so far what they know is exciting, according to experts it bears a striking resemblence to the much smaller and much, much, much older planet Anthony.
Holy fuck that fuckers head is so big it looks like planet Loff!
by Guacamoley October 11, 2007
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1.The flotation devices that look like long colorful foam noodles, often used by children in swimming pools; a pool noodle

2.The game played with such a flotation device, which involves calling out names and hitting people who do not answer correctly or in a timely fashion with said flotation device. The game is played with a group, and one leader who holds the shloff-loff. The leader chooses one person to speak to, and either calls out to them saying either their name, or "Shloff-Loff." The person who has been spoken to must immediately answer with the opposite of what was called out. If they fail to do so, the leader hits them on the head with the shloff-loff, and the game continues.

Origins: Coined by L.Reich at Moshava during the summer of 1995.

If you can't stand in that part of the pool, be sure to take a shloff-loff with you.

by Frum Funky Fab(Slightly Eidel) September 10, 2008
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A horse cock that womens like to ride it.
Hey! Wanna fuck me
Yea but hos long is your cock
Don't worry it's q Loffe. ;)
by Lo Fe December 28, 2016
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Person: hey did you see that Unhealthy Internet User that Does Not Belong with Lights Off (aka a loff)
Other person: yeah they should go outside and go for a walk
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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