1.The flotation devices that look like long colorful foam noodles, often used by children in swimming pools; a pool noodle

2.The game played with such a flotation device, which involves calling out names and hitting people who do not answer correctly or in a timely fashion with said flotation device. The game is played with a group, and one leader who holds the shloff-loff. The leader chooses one person to speak to, and either calls out to them saying either their name, or "Shloff-Loff." The person who has been spoken to must immediately answer with the opposite of what was called out. If they fail to do so, the leader hits them on the head with the shloff-loff, and the game continues.

Origins: Coined by L.Reich at Moshava during the summer of 1995.

If you can't stand in that part of the pool, be sure to take a shloff-loff with you.

by Frum Funky Fab(Slightly Eidel) September 10, 2008
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