Planet Loff is the newest discovery in the Milky Way galaxy. Planet Loff is special in the fact that by sheer mass it is the largest object ever discovered in the universe. It makes Jupiter (formerly our solar systems largest planet) look like a grain of sand. It has its own gravitational pull and its own unique atmosphere. Vegitation on Planet loff is sparse, especially at the North end. Scientists estimate the age to be between 24-32 years old. This is considered young by universal standards. A rare characteristic that planet loff displays is the ability to stay almost perfectly alligned with southern California, ocasionally alligning its self with Las Vegas, Nevada. Scientists are learning more about this new discovery every day but so far what they know is exciting, according to experts it bears a striking resemblence to the much smaller and much, much, much older planet Anthony.
Holy fuck that fuckers head is so big it looks like planet Loff!
by Guacamoley October 11, 2007
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