After you have sex with a woman, and you put a crazy amount of super glue in the vagina and cover it up with duck tape.
Parker found out that his girlfriend fucked their mailman so he gave her a Locked Door after they had sex for 3 hours. Three years to the day, no one has been able to unlock Stacy's door...
by whorsemen({})96 March 11, 2011
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A party or an engagement where a group of females are made available to a group of males to perform sexual acts at a cost. Usually this type of activity is illegal and the person(s) running the engagement are forced to lock the doors after all of the participants have arrived.
Yo! I just heard about this lock door, tonight. You wanna go?
by SharifB February 27, 2008
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A bathroom with a door that locks. These bathrooms are not meant to contain more than one person in them at a time. Even if one person is only washing his/her hands it is considered taboo to enter a lock-door bathroom.

Commonly found in convenience stores, and fast food restaurants where space is limited. These can be found in a variety of modus operandi including, but not limited to, unisex, and handicapped.
"Brandon, don't go in that bathroom. It's a lock-door bathroom and someone is already using it. You don't 2-person in a lock-door bathroom."
by Che Stevini October 5, 2009
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Me: (opens unlocked bathroom door) OH GOD DAMNIT! Lock the door next time dude, jesus
by Dubiks April 21, 2019
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A system used to keep someone out of the room you're in. Commonly used by Crusty Teenagers when doing something embarrassing!
"A LOCKED DOOR? IMPOSSIBLE! Wait no what am I saying, it's totally impossible! "
-Melvin, YGOTAS
"This Door Lock is preventing me from getting in this Crusty Teenager's room!"
by A Man With Wjdat November 2, 2017
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That brief period between when the driver gets in the car and when he unlocks the passenger door for a friend waiting to get into the car.

The passenger often tries to open the door a few times before it is actually unlocked. Sometimes the attempts to open the door and the actual unlocking of it coincide, and the attempt negates the unlocking.
Hey, keep your door lock anticipation under control! Quit trying to open the door until I unlock it!
by cindy whatever August 7, 2005
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A person who inserts their penis into the keyhole of a door in an attempt to unlock the door, or for pleasure.
Tom: Man I never thought Steve was a door lock fucker.
Oliver: Yea he was riding that thing hard.
Melinda: I think he was locked out though.
by Woojoe7 February 18, 2010
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