Some person or object that is experiencing stagnation, lack of change, or slow growth.
Due to brain drain, my old neighborhood is locked in amber as their population dwindles.
by Exoudi September 21, 2022
an evil old bat, who sits in her caravan with her TV full blast and shouts at people for having fun! party-ruining cow who hates everyone because she has no friends! ugly and old! she treats the caravan park like a residential park and complains when people try to enjoy themselves! needs a serious slap or to get laid!
football knock the side of her caravan
flossy lock: ur making my life hell!
Others: sorry, it was an accident
flossy lock: u better be!
by Quaffee May 16, 2010
Someone who picks's a hero/agent (whatever it's called these days) at such speed that you won't be able to use them. Most commonly occurring in Games such as Valorant. This is most infuriating when the character they pick is the character that you like to use. Even more so when they are absolutely horrible at using them
"God dammit man, This guy Insta-lock

Jett again!"
by EternalBluey March 1, 2022
When your Caracter is locked in a Cut Scene can't move or do anything.
It can be also used as a plot lock I guess.
Even if I wanted I can't move, I'm Scene Locked.
by PaperKnight_ October 10, 2022
When you are stuck in a Game Cut Scene can't move, skip, look around, or do anything.
You would use I'm Scene locked
I can't move I am Scene locked.
This game uses a lot of Scene Locking, it is kinda boring.
by PaperKnight_ October 20, 2022
When you get cross faded and can't get up.
Hey Jake, James was hella cross-locked last night and couldn't get out of his chair.
by Cody52799 June 4, 2018
When a male or female buys clothing to wear for their partner and yet never wears it
They bought some sexy sleepwear to wear for me but I’ve never seen it on them, they just closet locked the outfit
by Dragondaddy December 10, 2021