getting all hyped up over stupid shit, or worrying about things you shouldnt be worrying about.
man, me and my girl just broke up, im hella stressin!
by killacal. September 14, 2009
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not wanting to do anything at all due to stress
Samual is stressinating because of the work he has to submit to his college professor
by KAyon17 October 21, 2021
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when someone is pissing you off insanely bad to the point where you feel like vomiting
Shit, you're stressin' me out.
by anl&leha August 5, 2008
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Spending too much time on the toilet trying to get trivial poo to drop off your ass, when in reality it could be easily wiped off. A major cause of 30 minute craps.
"Dude! Get off the pot, stop stressin' the dingle!"
by Bearded March 6, 2008
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