Twice as much as before, but not as much as triply.
You are doubly awesome!!
by kevinfalala November 27, 2008
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Similar to taking a selfie, taking a doubly is simply where the picture involves two people. See also selfie, triply, and grouply.
"Oh my! While in my urban apartment building I noticed my friend posted that doubly of us from last night onto Facebook! I was very intoxicated on grain alcohol."
by Dahv Pablosson February 28, 2015
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The act of taking a selfie with someone else
Bro did you see that doublie i posted on instagram
No man .! i must of missed it
by Beard_ix November 11, 2013
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The act of shitting on the toilet whilst also wanking
I was so strapped for time this morning that I had to have a doubly, instead of a poo followed by a seperate ham-shank
by DLivi25 October 19, 2011
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When your president cannot even read english properly
Ladies and gentlemen for many months the country has drawn in political crisis in which lemon doubly the details of cabinet information prevail over the program
by AlienSUS August 8, 2021
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When you're both single and not attracted to anyone.
Person 1: Are you in a relationship?
Person 2: Everyone is so ugly I'm doubly single
by RapoloMan June 20, 2020
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