'Hump' or useless thing/person
That Bob, he sure is a load . . .
by DrFoot August 28, 2003
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Useless substance stored inside the Male-Species.
It can also be found in many places inside girls. (mouths, ass, pussy)
I just blew my LOAD inside dat girl.
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
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Used at the end of any sentence to reverse it's meaning or lend sarcastic connotations. Often utilized to convey failure or humiliation.
"She didn't mind that I spunked over her leg before she even got her skirt off...LOADS."
by Peter McConville November 11, 2007
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an excessive amount of opaque fluid often referred to semen, cum, jizz, man milk, and/or wang extract, that is projected out of the male genetalia at sexual zenith.
"Man, I just blew my load my grandmother's raisin brand as an april fool's joke...This shit is gonna be friggin great."
by Daren January 04, 2004
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An acronym to describe the miserable at work who bring everyone down. The reason? Lack Of Alcohol Drugs (and) Sex
What's wrong with Andrew?

by Jmetheimpostor January 12, 2014
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when used as in "what a load" it is taken to mean a load of poo.
When I missed the game winning shot by a half inch, i stood there dumbfounded and muttered "what a load."
by glenitals.com March 12, 2003
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