really rich; "loaded" with money.
"Man, why you with that girl? She's a bitch and she's got you whipped!"
"Dogg she's ever see that pimped-out Ferrari she drives around in?"
by Nick D May 27, 2003
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When a person is taking its time by thinking and creating a lie or a escenario right on the spot. This is a reference to video games and their loading screens.
Person 1: Ay man, did you talk to Jess about the job? I've been waiting for months for this chance.
Person 2: Umm, well, umm... *thinking of a lie*

Person 1: Bro, are you loading or something? Did you tell her or not?
Person 2: No, no, but yeah, but I'm like... *keeps loading the lie*
by Mumble Rap Chaperone February 28, 2022
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1. Rich. Really rich. Lots and lots and lots of money.
2. Drunk. Really drunk, etc.
1. WOAH look at that guy's car! He's loaded!
2. WOAH look at how that guy's driving! He must be loaded!
by gandalph August 30, 2004
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someone who is high off of weed or other drugs or pills
"Man I was so loaded last night"
by Latina August 26, 2004
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the act of excessive consumption of alocholic beverage which fuels the primitive barbaric wild side of any human being. usually loaded people result in the following - stumbling around , say stupid things, and likes to go streaking, do animal calls, and chase the opposite sex
whoa look at her go! betty's loaded!
by rob strott August 31, 2004
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