When huckster isn't a strong enough word for how big a jack wagon someone is. When they have a step son semen mist about them. Also used for someone fat and sloppy.
Guy walks into dealership with orange hair, a limp and a trade. And he's a super duper huckster.
Great, here comes this load.


Eating 6 tacos on Saturday at lunch.

Look at this load
by Jake Janewski December 07, 2018
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in an electronic circuit, the component(s) that are responsible for dropping the voltage. in audio ciruits, this is usually a speaker. in other circuits, in can be a lightbulb, a household appliance, etc.
if too much current is applied, you'll blow the load.
by karl June 08, 2004
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1. a lethargic and useless individual who generally gets in the way and refuses to aid smooth and fluid progress.

2. a big fat person
I'm late because the load in front of me didn't have all of his shit ready.

Move it, you freakin' load!

(said under the breath at the approach of a fat person): Jesus, what a load.
by ramar February 27, 2006
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A mediocre/decent Metallica album that came after the Black Album. It is not a thrash metal album, but an experimental albu, trying out different genres, including blues, and hard rock.
Elitist: β€œohmyfuckinggod you 4/4 normies like load lmao what a shit album I only listen to trve kvlt Metal”
Metalhead: β€œstfu emo cunt”
by Memes lol December 26, 2018
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referring to someone who is unintelligent, or acting weird.
kid, stop being such a load!
by kevinricelovuh! September 28, 2009
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Metallica's sixth album. like all that came befor and after, it rocked.
<mom> Quit listining to that load of crap!
<MM> Fuck you mom! this is no load of crap! its a load of metallicas load
by shoot UPS trucks March 09, 2004
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