1) amount of jizz in an ejaculation

2) 4 Codeine 4's & 2 Doredin's: used as a substitute for heroine when junkies can't score
I blew my load in that girl last night, really hope she doesn't get knocked up

yo, my dope connection dried up so all I have tonight is a load
by TCMG March 05, 2013
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An individual who lacks overall motivation, determination, and any type of work ethic.

The person that is being referred to as a “load” can also be a “good guy”. In turn this makes the one stating the aforementioned “load”reference feel neutral in opinion.
(Name) is a total load but he’s a “good guy”

That guy is a load

Refer to: Good Guy
by Mowing Money December 29, 2019
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The amount of semen expelled during one male ejaculation.
So I was having sex with Cassie the other day, she said she wouldn't mind if I blew my load on her face, so I did, and goddamn, I think it was the biggest load I ever dropped! She looked so beautiful with all that hot goo all over her pretty face! I can't wait to do it again!
by the birds and trees February 17, 2007
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n. the total amount of sperm ejaculated in one orgasm.
Just as Tyrone arched his back prepatory to cumming, Brie Ann deepthroated his dick causing his seed to be propelled directly into her stomach. After it was all over, she kissed him with no salty aftertaste or cum odor on her breath.
by Richard Black April 28, 2005
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Ohh man i just blew my load in your mom's mouth.
by Alex February 24, 2003
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