The kids from the wrong side of the tracks who smoke in the breaks at school and give the impression they are soon to be drop-outs

late seventies term from suburban Baltimore that refers to the unsavory appearance, unambitious attitude, and general malaise of this group
Sport: Look, there's The Skragg and her lizard chicks.

Buddy: Yeah, she's a bigtime skank... I wouldn't fuck her with your dick.
by Snuffy February 15, 2005
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A large (100s of members, loosely organized at the fringes with a core executive branch controlling separate, self-sufficient cells) Chicago-based hip-hop/goon nation with roots in graffiti but now comprised of emcees, DJs, radio hosts, breakers, vandals miscellaneous, and clothing designers. First appeared at Scribble Jam 2004 where it established a US-wide membership base. Its arch enemies are the Monkeys.
"LIZARDS ALL UP IN THIS BITCH;" "Fuck the Monkeys;" "Welcome to Lizardelphia;" graffiti found nationwide with depictions of cartoonish lizards and/or the word "Lizards."
by Tops the Trealist February 13, 2005
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A person who when making out sticks his/her tongue in and out in a lizard like way. They lizard kiss and it is not pleasant.
Anna: "So, I heard you hooked up with Jack."
Lucy: "Please don't remind me, it was horrible!"
Anna: "What happened?"
Lucy: "He is such a lizard!"
by Gi. January 04, 2011
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When you are so high on marijuana, ganja, or pot, that your eyes become red enough to make you look like a lizard of some sort. This is usually reffered to tall, lanky, tan people, or pale short people with red eyes.
Jesus, Bernard looks like a Lizard.

How high was that fool
-He looked like a straight lizard!
by AJ La Flare August 08, 2011
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All of the following are examples of lizards "lizzads"

That bitch tounges around like a lizard.
That pussys been beat so many times its rough like lizard skin.
Small quick little rave slut.
by kykezilla May 20, 2013
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Lizard = Dick, Pennis, Hammer, Cock, wherewer you call it.
"If you squeze my lizard, I'll put my snake on you"
by Mali_BU April 22, 2010
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