1. Making unusual movements in English class
2. Talking out of your stomach instead of brain
3. Ali Hadinejad
by XIVAliakbar November 23, 2019
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It’s a banana and it has arms and legs and it talks.
Cool Dude: oh my god look it’s a lizard
Fever drem gurl: banana man
by Fever DremGurl July 28, 2019
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Generic term for a male or sometimes female. An adaptation of the scouse slang 'lid' and is usually used for people with a scrawny, lizard-like physique. Some say it originated in Burscough, Lancashire and is now widely used in the surrounding areas.
Stu: Hows it goin lizard?

Adam: Sound!
by samwisegamgee87 October 13, 2010
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The act of taking advantage of a woman whilst they are sleeping or passed out from alcohol.
It was a lizard party where they got all the women drunk and took advantage of them.
by TheCorruptor998 June 07, 2017
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