A lizard from Coventry who looks slightly jewish, shifts gear, allways got his fingers into something dodgy, hates the bosh, and has got irratable bowell syndrome
Like jim out of American Pie on smack, the lizard
by D-A-Z November 29, 2006
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An totally hot, awesome and kick arse mutant from my favourite movie, The Hills Have Eyes (body count 17!). He is so named Lizard because of his almost supernatural agility, and because of the chain of spikes he uses to cause car accidents (as well as hit stupid people with) when he is not using it it drags behind him like a lizard tail. He also shoots people with a magnum. He is very thin, but extremely strong and muscular. He is disfigured with a cleft lip and a deformed jaw, which I think only adds to his legendaryness.
Lizard is the one of the leaders of Jupiter's clan in The Hills Have Eyes, he is also the most violent.
by Lizardlovesme17 November 13, 2007
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Shape shifting human-lizard hybrids.
Generally heads of state, captains of industry, members of secret fraternal or black ops organizations. Not to be messed with.
I've also looked at Icke's writings, and the Bush family and many members of his cabinet, together with the royal heads of Europe and many members of Kalifornia's Bohemian Club all qualify as members of the shape shifting lizard-human hybrid family. The Queen Mother was supposed to be gargantuan and especially fierce when in her lizard form.
by lizzie February 18, 2005
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The Lizards are a strange type of creature, claimed by some to be a human/alien crossbreed, or possibly some kind of "shape-shifter" who occupy important positions in the power structure of many Western countries.
George Bush and the British Royal family are the notorious examples, but in fact most newsreaders and "public authority" figures are also lizards. Although they look superficially human, they can be spotted by their strange, cold eyes and mechanical way of gesturing.
They can be male or female, and typically promote policies or ideas that are totally at odds with any kind of ethical behaviour.
Whether or not they actually are shapeshifting aliens is open to debate, but they certainly display enough reptilian behaviour to merit the nickname. I personally believe that they began life as full humans, but as they ascend the power structure they are somehow corrupted or altered into being lizards.
The Sky News anchor people on British TV are certainly lizards, as are many of the BBC team.
Other prominent lizards in Britain are Tony Blair, John Reid, and many high ranking mambers of the political elite.
Victoria Beckham, and many of the "celebrity elite" are also quite clearly lizards.
As well as lizards, there are a large number of individuals who may be called "slugs". The "slugs" tend to be fatter and have more obvious tendencies towards personal greed and gluttony. They are physically heavier-built than the lizards and less adept at concealing their avarice.
John Prescott, the deputy UK Prime Minister, is a slug, as is Charles Clarke.
While much has been written concerning the "lizards" far less has been said about the "slugs". The slugs are typified by a heavy build and jowly appearance; although their policies and mentality seem closely allied with that of the lizards.
Next time you watch the news, keep an eye out for the reptilian attributes of the presenters and politicians.
Many people have claimed that powerful figures in our governments and ruling classes are lizards. Some claim that these lizards are 4th-dimensional beings who have controlled us for thousands of years. Whether this is true or not, there are a great many lizards in government and on television.
by Tony Prescott September 28, 2006
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Depending on his mood, this creature can be big or small; public or private. He will come out of his cage and play when he is in a state of elation; and when depressed, he tends to stay hidden from the outside world. He doesn't always have to be depressed in order to hide; sometimes he just wants to be by himself and "hang out", so to speak. Sometimes he needs to be "private" - having not the urge, nor the desire, to be looked at, touched, kissed, have his picture taken, shake hands with Hillary Clinton, etc. The Lizard has been in many different places; generally wet areas. He often finds himself in "canals" of some sort, and in "mouths" of rivers. This tends to happen when The Lizard (or "Thick Lizzy" as he is nicknamed),has been drinking too much alcohol. The Lizard always wears a protective suit, however, when he swims in impure waters. Sometimes he just wants to put his feet in the water, without going all the way in...but most times, he thrusts right into the water and hits the ocean floor! In any event, Thick Lizzy is sure to get suited up...and that "suits" him just fine. (No pun intended).
Like many other creatures, The Lizard enjoys being petted - by women.
by Barry MacCockener January 24, 2005
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The kids from the wrong side of the tracks who smoke in the breaks at school and give the impression they are soon to be drop-outs

late seventies term from suburban Baltimore that refers to the unsavory appearance, unambitious attitude, and general malaise of this group
Sport: Look, there's The Skragg and her lizard chicks.

Buddy: Yeah, she's a bigtime skank... I wouldn't fuck her with your dick.
by Snuffy February 15, 2005
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