Someone who tries to crawl up to higher status than others.
by Viperbsd April 01, 2017
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an mental guy/girl who dont give a give a shit. and will kill for a snickers.
ben: that guys a lizard
micheal:i know
harrison:dont go near him he doesnt give a shit
by steveoooooo April 06, 2009
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Verb for doing nothing, even in odd situations.
I am lizarding.

That was a rather lizard reaction.

Oh, what a lizard thought.
by thingshappen February 14, 2011
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slang to describe someone of Asian decent.

Primarily professional baseball players.
That Lizard (Hong-Chih Kuo) didn't look very good in the All-Star game
by Giant American July 14, 2010
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1. A four legged reptile with external ear openings and movable eyelids. Some lizards can change color in response to their enviroment such as the Chameleon and Anole. Most lizards are harmless to humans, only very large ones such as the Komodo dragon can kill or injury you. Lizards feed on insects and plants. Most lay eggs but some give birth to live young. They are well known for being able to regrown lost tails and limbs.

The most popular lizards sold as pets are Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, and Monitor Lizards to name a few. They require more care then most exotic pets and need their cages cleaned frequently.

2. Someone who tries to move in on your sweetheart when you're not around. AKA Birddog.
1. I enjoy watching the lizards play in the garden.

2. He's a lizard, he is moving in on Rick's girlfriend.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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