the non-sexual act (similar to hugging) that often happens between friends, lovers, or any other acquaintances, or any inanimate object that involves flicking your tongue back and forth against theirs.
Person A: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to lizard me right now?
Person B: 5...HUNDRED!!
by Sax Kitten October 24, 2010
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An awesome animal; scaley changes colour and comes in a variety of colours and shapes!
Jerk: Hey! You love lizard! You suck!
Me: Lizards are so cool!
Jerk: *is stupid*
Me: Your stupid!
by Bayou Bob February 04, 2005
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A male who prostitutes himself to other males, see Jadakiss's "Why" remix
"Why did McGreevey get caught with a lizard?"
by TBO August 26, 2004
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Edmonton Alberta slang word used for cigarette
" Yo give me a pull on that hot lizard "
" I call duece on that lizard "
" How's that lizard treating you? "
by Mike sweeny October 11, 2007
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A derogatory term used for hookers that hang out at truck stops.
CB conversation: Breaker Breaker 19, does anyone know of any lizards hangin out on I-18.
by Ray February 05, 2003
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A lizard is a person of the bisexual orientation. Lizards differentiate greatly from their fellow humans, the Kitty, the Goat, and the Ram. Some lizards will transform into kitties or goat/rams at some point in their lives.
Susan: Oh no...I really liked it when Mary was eating my vagina.

Paul: Well thats cool...that means you can still have sex with me and you can also have sex with Mary. You're the perfect little Lizard!
by Masterpp4u January 02, 2006
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