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The feeling when your swim team is a drug dealing and alcohol drinking bunch of hooligans. You feel livid!
The swim coach threw down his keys and screamed "I'M LIVID!"
by asdf9149 October 27, 2016
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i had a party while my parents were away and now they're livid because someone set fire to the cat
by TJStarks February 11, 2008
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when you are Fairly Angry/pissed off about some stuff
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
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When some crazy ass bitch hoe gets on my bad side.
I was f***ing livid when Sadie stole my man!
by angryalligator101 May 05, 2017
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So angry or upset that you can't use the words angry or upset. Overused by white men everywhere.
"The teacher gave me a 79 for the class. I'm so livid right now"
by Lividman February 07, 2017
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adj. Unbelievably lit in a way that implies things will get out of hand.

LIVID guarantees a certain level of chaos, usually manifesting in ignorant hood-rat shit such as starting fires and breaking things.
"There's a party going down at Zach's house, it's gonna be LIVID! I'm takin' gasoline in the yard, hair-spray-flamethrowers, all that shit!"
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by Lick Lick Lick My Balls! October 22, 2017
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The state one reaches after becoming extremely intoxicated
We were livid last night after we finished 2 handles of Southern Comfort.
by Dubea May 02, 2005
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