The feeling when your swim team is a drug dealing and alcohol drinking bunch of hooligans. You feel livid!
The swim coach threw down his keys and screamed "I'M LIVID!"
by asdf9149 October 27, 2016
So angry or upset that you can't use the words angry or upset. Overused by white men everywhere.
"The teacher gave me a 79 for the class. I'm so livid right now"
by Lividman February 8, 2017
when you are Fairly Angry/pissed off about some stuff
by Carlos Santini January 23, 2005
When your favorite swim coach leaves the team after he has touched your hearts for years.
As he walked off the stage for the last time, his athletes were livid at the thought of him leaving
by Fuckoffhoes May 8, 2019
When some crazy ass bitch hoe gets on my bad side.
I was f***ing livid when Sadie stole my man!
by angryalligator101 May 6, 2017
To be completed relax or calm, another word for zenned out
That weed got me livid
by Robsobnoblobcob June 10, 2019
Its like being woke, but on a whole nother level. Being Livid is the peak of wokeness. There is no higher level, you are at the top.
After learning the secrets of the universe, Jimmy became Livid.
by Songpob Pornpipatpong December 8, 2019