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Mo is an amazing friend to have and person to know. She constantly brightens your mood by just showing up and being there for you, she is the night to my day and love of my life. Mo is the kind of little kid to say hi to every neighbor that walks down the street and continue to do so until she's grown and out of the house. Mo is the type of person to insist on talking out your problem even if it's not convenient to her. Mo is Meems and Meems is Mimi and Mimi is the Captain Hook to my Shmee😛
Owen: That bitch must be named Mo cause she bout fine as fuck!

Ethan: Nah her bestie fine as aged wine tho
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by Meatstub April 01, 2020

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Kylie is a unique soul and person to know. She's can be the life of the party or the wallflower taking everything in slowly to realize how a good moment feels. She is easily the coolest & most interesting person in the room, you're instantly drawn to talk to her even if you aren't sure why. She has an old soul yet always has fresh ideas and projects. There's a dark part of her that she didn't face for a long, long time but once she opened it and stared at it head on, she bettered herself and life for good. Kylie is a beautiful person who can always make you laugh with her quick sense of humor, loveable style, beautiful eyes, and amazing shoes. Kylie is bound to do great things, as long as she has support from her tons of friends and close family and loves her self more than enough. Kylie has been through hell and back and still manages to prosper.
Boo: Hey Kylie, I miss you and your crazy laugh so your ass better come to visit me. PERIOD POO!

Ky: Girl you know I was already pLAnning on it giRl Stop playin!
by Meatstub April 02, 2020

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Upon initial view, Little Rock is a small town without much to do, full of loser skaters & douche bag republicans. But when looked at closer, Little Rock is full and complete. Walking down the street to see all the lovely faces of dog walkers, old couples, toddlers and excited new parents.. it's beautiful. Little Rock may feel small but once you leave, you leave a cozy nest you created and took advantage of, full of people who love you. Finding friends in Little Rock, Arkansas can be hard because of the types of people so once you do find friends, you know the good one's will really, really last. Little Rock can be a pit stop on your journey, it can be where you start and run from, or it can be the home you flock too. The town is what you make it. It's not all that bad once you notice the small things.
Claire: I grew up in Little Rock.. it's crazy but I think I miss it.

Kylie: No it sucks but I kind of miss it too
by Meatstub April 02, 2020

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