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The capital of Arkansas. Known to Arkansas natives as "The Rock," it is famous for being a political town.

However, comedian Dave Attell once said:

"Even though Little Rock might have a rep as a political town, trust me it's a drinking town too."

Most people in Arkansas must travel to Little Rock or its nearby suburbs to do anything worthwhile in Arkansas, so the population of Little Rock is much lower than the actual number of people there.
We're driving three hours to Little Rock to see Bill Clinton's library open.
by Rick Scales July 27, 2004

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n. A day that comes every so often during high school physical education classes, in which the P.E. teacher leaves the equipment room unlocked and has his assistant take attendance, leaving the class to its own devices as he sits in his office with the door locked looking at porn for an hour and a half.
Q: Why can't you use the computer in the gym teacher's office?

A: The keyboard is still sticky from open gym.
by Rick Scales June 26, 2004

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