Search all you want, you will never find a more badass villain anywhere. Liquid is also one of the most brilliant characters ever created with an IQ exceeding 200. He will show you this throughout Metal Gear Solid, which is considered as one of the best games ever released.
"How does it feel, brother?" - Liquid Snake
"Don't call me your brother! I'm not your brother!" - Solid Snake

"SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!" - Liquid (best onomatopeia of all time)
by Siegfried November 27, 2004
*A wet penis.

*The twin brother of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear series; identical on the genetic level, except for having blonde hair and a british voice. Nothing can kill this guy!! >.<

*A term to refer to someone with this fictitious character's traits.
"Damn this guy just won't die! He's a regular ol' Liquid Snake. -_- "
-a guy who examines how much damage the receiver can take.
by Dave March 26, 2004
A snake that is made out of pure liquid.

Dont get bit by THE LIQUID SNAKE!
LOL, this snake is liek pure liquid.
by Is this name used? August 6, 2006
referring to fecal matter, taking a watery dump, diarreha
dude, i shouldn't have eaten that taco, now i have liquid snakes!
by HUNK6677 July 11, 2008
This term derives from the character of Liquid Snake as seen in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It can refer to a number of things, especially a combination thereof:

1). A person, character, or thing which will not die, no matter how much damage is done to him/her/it.
2). A person or character who speaks with a ridiculously pronounced or obviously fake British accent.
3). A fairly long-haired blonde guy wearing no shirt in a very cold environment.
4). A character who gives way too much self-exposition, especially a villain.
5). A person or character with an illogical inferiority complex.
1). Jim fell 50 feet and got off with just bruises! The guy has some serious Liquid Snake Syndrome going, I swear.
2). John, quit trying to talk like that. You don't sound cool, you've just got Liquid Snake Syndrome.
3). (Upon seeing a blonde football fan in the stands with his shirt off and chest painted) Talk about Liquid Snake Syndrome! It's December, for Pete's sake!
4). (Watching a TV show or a movie where the big bad guy won't shut up) Will this dork get over his Liquid Snake Syndrome and fight already!
5). Chris, just because your boss went to Harvard doesn't mean he's smarter than you. Lose the Liquid Snake Syndrome and stand up for yourself!
by Rambaldi47 December 4, 2007
An incredibly potent drug that causes you to "get so high your brains will blow chunks into the milky way." It causes you to go insane and leaves your mind a blank slate. It was used by members of the hair metal band, Snakes n' Barrels, during their reunion concert and caused all but their lead singer, Pickles, to go insane.
"Hey, you guys want to try some Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake?"

"We got some Totally Awesome Sweet Alabama Liquid Snake from a dude."
by mossSAP January 24, 2007