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Usually said in multi player grand theft auto or “multi theft auto” or mta.

Refers to people getting constant kills by doing a drive by.
Because the players are in a vehicle doing drive bys they can’t be killed as easy, and because of sub machine guns high firing rate and high power it allows players to kill more easily.

Drive by noobs are most commonly found on motor cycles because motor cycles allow them to shoot at their left right and front, as opposed to being in the car where you can only shoot left and right.

Some times people refer to these people as DB noobs.
{CW}henerykill got killed by tehDBn00bz0r
{CW}henerykill: z0mg, fucking DB n00b
tonymontona73 got killed by tehDBn00bz0r
tonymontona73: WTF, Drive by noob!
liquid_ocelot got killed by tehDBn00bz0r
liquid_ocelot: !report tehDBn00bz0r, drive by noob!
by Is this name used? August 6, 2006
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Gay pice of shit that canceled Invader Zim.

A television station run by neo nazis.

A TV channel that allways has crappy cartoons.

See also shit
Bob: nickelodeon is so fucking gay.
Joe: O RLY?
Bob: YA RLY!
Joe: NO WAI!!!
by Is this name used? August 7, 2006
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A great program that lets you download viruses.

It also serves as a program to download firefox which is way better than internet explorer.

internet explorer is just really bad.

see also shit.
Bob: w00t, I’m downloading 500+ viruses a minute on internet explorer!

Jeff: Lololllolololllololollolz0rz! Inronetz explo0dr is liek fukin', shit. lolololollolololo!!!!!!1!!1!11111!!11! XD
by Is this name used? August 7, 2006
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n., shit·ting thing

1) The act or process of shitting.
2) A person whom excretes shit.
3) What all animals do.
4) A thing that shits.
5) The elimination of fecal waste through one's anus.
present tense
Bob: Im a shitting thing!

future tense
Joe: Tonight I’m going to be a shitting thing!

Past tence
n00b: Last week I was a shitting thing!

bob2: What the fuck? get away from me you shitting thing!
by Is this name used? August 5, 2006
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Darren Shans real name.

He wrote books best selling books like cirque du freak and lord loss.

See also darren shan
Bob: I'm reading one of Darren O'Shaughnessy books!
joe: wtf?
Bob: Darren shan >.>
joe: wtf?
bob: the guy the wrote cirque du freak.
joe: yeah! he pwns j00!
by Is this name used? August 7, 2006
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The words that appear when you kill all of the elvis impersonators in GTA2.
elivis guys: Thank you. Thank you vary much.
me: (pulls out uzi)

by Is this name used? March 10, 2007
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A snake that is made out of pure liquid.

Dont get bit by THE LIQUID SNAKE!
LOL, this snake is liek pure liquid.
by Is this name used? August 6, 2006
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