A common statement terming the abilities of professional baseball player who plays well during a season to garner support for an major league award
There are some pretty good pitchers who have a real shot at AL Rookie of the Year, but Ron Washington feels shortstop Elvis Andrus should get the nod. As he states "He be good
by rangefan September 22, 2009
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African American response to young black criminals with records. In Ferguson Missouri, Micheal Brown was called a good boy, before the dreaded store robbery video was released against the black run dept of justices request.
He a good boy. He diddin do nuffin. He was on his way to church.
by Milo357 February 11, 2016
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A slang word meaning: That's not good; not cool; that sucks; sorry for you; bad well-being ; Nah; no thanks ; disagree
Bob: " yo Nate I just got fired from my new job "
Nate: " damn he ain't good "

Bob:"yo Nate want to go to that party tonight?"
Nate: "he ain't good"
by Suavely January 4, 2015
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Is a slang word that means . That's good ; I understand; I feel you; good job ; I'm down ; you got it dude ; sure .
Bob: "hey Nate wanna hit up this party tonight?!"

Nate: "he good"
by Suavely January 4, 2015
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It's basically a way to say someone got attractive.

it can be phrased as:
"he got good!" meaning he got attractive
"she got good!" meaning she got attractive
"you got good" meaning you got attractive
Person 1- "did you see Alex?"
Person 2- "OMG yes! Damn (s)he got good!"
by VanillaCupcake June 26, 2014
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just look how good he is, ohhhhhhhhhhhh... u little thing put your chin up so i can scratch your neck u wittle furball, then i will take my cock and fuck the shit out of this fucking huge guinea pig and make it guzzle my cum :)
oh he is a good capybara, i wonder if he is ready for what i got
by sexyfishpussylips December 11, 2020
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"Did he drop any good loot?" is a infamous one-liner reply to a obituary on the World of Warcraft forums. The name of the person who replied was the one and only moroldonfarm that was a level 1 priest from the Chromaggus realm. Shortly after this reply he gave out; blizzard deleted the thread and banned moroldonfarm's account. It did not take long until people leaked images of the thread and the reply to show proof that it was real. The reply of Moroldonfarm remains a Legacy to this day to many WoW players.
The Obituary:

Nano: i'm Nano's brother, as you know i've been playing with his account for some time now on Sona. i'm writing here to inform everyone who may care that nano passed away, we held his funeral on tuesday. the only reason im writing this here is that whenever i told him how people after months still wrought about how good nano was and some wrote how he was the best hunter etc. That statement always made him smile and i think its fair you all should know about whats happened so you may, even if you didnt have the pleasure of meeting him in game say a little prayer for him. He was a good soul and i know many of you who met him in game would agree. i want to thank you from his behalf for giving him many months of true pleasure in wow. thank you.

Reply from moroldonfarm:

Moroldonfarm: did he drop any good loot?
by Anti-bser-missile October 16, 2008
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