An extremely beautiful girlfriend that is loving and caring and extremely fun to talk to. She is understanding and caring and usually has a boyfriend who loves her very much
by Derrick rose99999988 December 29, 2015
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Smiling In Relative Amusement. For when you're not quite laughing out loud, but dont wish to "meh".
Henry: Unless this thing works sometime soon, it's going out of the window.

Will: That could get expensive.

Henry: SIRA.
by Plato's_Bitch April 14, 2009
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-a person who is crazy, insane, irational, jackass

-someone who does actions not appropriate as/for a human being, or illegal
Huwag mo lapitan iyan, sira ulo niyan, binubugbog niya mga kamag-anak niya ng walang dahilan.

Nakulong na yang mama na iyan dahil sira ang ulo, lahat ng droga sa subukan na kaya hindi niya kinaya.
by marson ardere May 3, 2009
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She‘s a loving person, with the kindest heart. Siras usually have green eyes which shine like emeralds in the sun.

She may seem innocent but are devilish in bed and has a bomb of a body!
Sira loves music, booze and has deep feelings its almost dangerous.
Sira is the type of girl you fall in love with even though you didnt want to and when she loves you back its the best feeling in the world.
Go work Sira and stop reading urban dictionary
by d.dimmy November 21, 2021
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Sira is always 24/7 hot, one of the best mixed-race beauties out there. He is a person you can always trust, he has a character that makes everyone fall in love, even his neighbor. When he proposes something he gets it and his way of dressing is unique.

She is a wonderful girl, if you can have a Sira in your life, take advantage.
Sira is always 24/7 hot
by vhn.brrb November 23, 2021
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