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the alter ego of Gene Simmons of Kiss. the demon is a god and the name should be used only in the upmost respect.
i saw The Demon at the kiss show lats night
by Hunter Blake January 24, 2006
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A tourist to sub-orbital or orbital space, through commercial space flight programs.
Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson alongside their crew became the first astrotourists, while visiting sub-orbital space in July 2021
by AxonL July 20, 2021
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The ruler of the dark part of someone's brain.
He is aggressive, powerful and knows how to enter people's mind except the one he loves the most.

He is master in mind manipulation using someone's past memories.

You don't want to meet him
The Demon is on the move
He will give you nightmares.

He is coming to hurt them.

The Demon is inhuman
by Jimmie Hemsworth June 06, 2020
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To have a sudden onset of the shits that you cant hold. You start sweating and getting a sharp stabbing pain in your guts.
Dude i was in the mall today and i had a case of the demon!

No i cant come out and play i am being hunted by the demon!
by Smurfdog January 03, 2008
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When Tim Ingalls puts pencils in his hands and shakes them up and down like a demon.
He is doing the demon!
by Tim Ingalls April 25, 2005
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The alter ego of an inconspicuous man who takes pride in his association with a secret lifestyle of leather, metal studs, and extreme workout mixes.
Little did Sally know, on the weekends John was "The demon".
by The demonxxx August 14, 2008
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A popular Minecraft Youtube Channel created by the legends TheSwagDemon and TheGoldDemon. Unfortunately, The Demons haven't posted in a year due to TheGoldDemon having to deal with Pedophile charges in court.
Hey, have you watched the new video posted by The Demons. They played an intense game of the Hunger Games and they won!
by VD13 February 25, 2018
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